Jeff Triplett

Personal: Default Apps 2023

“Apps I’ve been using regularly this year.” Heavily inspired by Matt Stein. Catalogued by Robb Knight’s App Defaults

🌐 Browser: Vivaldi + Polypane
🔍 Search: Kagi
📝 Writing: Obsidian + Grammarly
📁 Cloud File Storage: iCloud Drive + Syncthing
💬 Chat: Apple Messages, Discord, Slack, Telegram
📆 Calendar: Apple Calendar
📆 Scheduling + Booking:
📹 Video Calls: + Zoom + Meeter
🎵 Music. : Apple Music + Spotify
🎤 Podcasts: Overcast
🔐 Password Management: 1Password
🧑‍💻 Code Editor: Sublime Text
🗃️ Version Control: Tower
🐚 Terminal: iTerm2
✈️ VPN: Tailscale
🔖 Bookmarks:
📑 Read It Later:
📨 Mail Client: Mimestream (Gmail only)
📮 Mail Server: Fastmail + Gmail
🚀 Launcher: Alfred 5
🖼️ Screenshots: Xnapper
👔 Menu Bar: Bartender
🤖 Containers: Docker Compose + OrbStack
🎒 Backups: Backblaze


My most significant trend in 2023 was dropping tools from several big tech companies like Google and Microsoft. I dropped Chrome for Vivaldi and Google Search for Kagi. I stopped using VS Code because of instability issues, and the search was much slower than Sublime Text.

For 2024, I will shift more of my mail from Gmail to Fastmail or something like since several friends have recommended the service to me.

My second major trend was shifting back to a desktop Mac and using my Mac Book Pro as my couch and traveling computer. I’m using a desktop Mac Studio at my office and a Mac Mini Pro in my home office. This forced me to look into file-syncing solutions, and Syncthing has been flawless for me. I have three Macs and one Intel NUC (Linux) that keep everything in sync within seconds of hitting save.

I’m using Tailscale to glue everything together privately and securely. Connecting to a computer in my house or the office to copy a file or VNC to the desktop is transparent and has almost no delay.