Jeff Triplett


Jeff Triplett is a Partner at REVSYS and a former Director and Vice Chair of the Python Software Foundation. The co-founder and former President of the Django Events Foundation North America (DEFNA), the non-profit which has run DjangoCon US since 2015.

Jeff was awarded the 2019 Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial Prize for his contributions to the Django community and was honored as a Python Software Foundation Fellow for his contributions to the Python community in 2018.

Originally from Sarcoxie, Missouri, he now calls Lawrence, Kansas home with his two kids, partner, and smelly dog.

Jeff Triplett
Image courtesy of Melanie Crutchfield


Revolution Systems (REVSYS) (2010-present)

I have been a developer for one of the premier Django consulting agencies since 2011. In 2019, I became a Partner. We specialize in Python, Django, Docker, performance, scaling, and team management.

Django Events Foundation North America (DEFNA) (2015-present)

I am one of the three co-founders of DEFNA and served as the President of the Board from 2015 to 2021 and then again from 2022 to 2023.

Python Software Foundation (PSF) (2018-2023)

I was voted in by the community as a Director for the Python Software Foundation (PSF). I served as the PSF’s Treasurer from 2020 to 2022 and, more recently, Vice Chair for the 2022 to 2023 term.

Previous employment

Mediaphormedia (The World Company subsidiary) (2007-2010)

I joined The World Company in 2007 to work at Django Project’s birthplace. As a Senior Developer, I worked on Ellington CMS and Ellington Marketplace.

Fast Freedom (2002-2007)

I was Director of Operations and started the website division/service for our company. I managed the hosting, development, wireless, and dial-up service and employees for five years.


2019 Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial Prize winner

I was awarded the Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial Prize in 2019 for contributions to the Django community.

2019 Python Software Foundation Fellow Member

I was named a PSF Fellow Member in January 2019.

2019 Community Awards winner

I won an 2019 People’s Choice Award.

Django Code of Conduct Committee

I joined the committee in 2016 as a member, serving as chair and then later co-chair.

Django Developer Member

I was nominated in 2015 and have served as a member ever since.

Python Software Foundation Contributing Member

I joined the Python Software Foundation in 2015.

Conference & Event Organizing

I’m the co-creator of the Django Pony website and helped add fuel to the fire to the Django meme.

Interviews & Mentions