Hello! I’m Jeff Triplett. I live in Lawrence, KS. I am a consultant (Python, Django, performance, scaling, and management) at REVSYS.

Jeff Triplett

Image courtesy of Melanie Crutchfield.

I grew up in rural Sarcoxie, MO.



I have been a developer for one of the premier Django consulting agencies since 2011.

Django Events Foundation North America (DEFNA)

I am one of the three co-founders of DEFNA and I have served as the President of the Board since 2015.

Django Code of Conduct Committee

I joined the committee in 2016 as a member and I have served as co-chair since the end of 2016.

Django Developer Member

I was nominated in 2015 and have served as a member ever since.

Python Software Foundation Contributing Member

I joined the PSF in 2015.

Open source developer.

I have dabbled with open source since 2007.


5 favorite open source Django packages


DjangoCon US 2017 Organizer.

DjangoCon US 2016 Conference Chair / Organizer.

DjangoCon US 2015 Conference Chair / Organizer.

DjangoCon US 2014 Last-minute Program Chair.

Django Birthday Conference Chair / Organizer for Django’s 10th birthday party.

Interviews / Mentions

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DjangoCon US 2015 - Django Tales: How Django and Its Community Can Change Lives by Anna Ossowski

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I’m the co-creator of the Django Pony website and helped add fuel to the fire to the Django meme.

Mediaphormedia (The World Company subsidiary)

I joined The World Company in 2007 to work at Django Project’s’s birth place. As a Senior Developer, I worked on Ellington CMS and Ellington Marketplace.