Jeff Triplett


Most of my projects range from scratching personal itches, working on community projects and initiatives, and OSS projects.


BSD License Generator.

Days Until Late Night

This simple website solves the age-old-Kansas basketball of how many Days Until Late Night.

Django Podcast

A Django application to easily create podcast feeds.

Django Proxy

Rewrote Django Proxy. A reusable django application to create a proxy object for your models. Intended to aggregate various content types into a model for reuse.

Django RQ Email Backend

Provides Django email integration for RQ.

The website(s) for

My dotfiles

My personal dotfiles which are managed using Bash and Ansible.


A browser based whois tool with JSON support.

Hey Guys

“Hey guys”: encouraging inclusive communication

Is the Lead Safe?

My basketball at a glance website dedicated to answering the basic questions of “Is the Lead safe?” using a modified version of Bill James’ method.

Please note: the website only operating during the NCAA season.

Public roadmap

My website is hosted on GitHub pages, has a custom theme that I built myself, and its source code is public on GitHub.


A pip-installable conversion of Paul Durrant’s kindlestrip.

Lawrence Trail Hawks Website

My local trail running club needed help with their website and this is a fully working Django website for “running” a running club complete with weekly runs and race events.


Simple app to render a Markdown document into both a reader and printer friendly format.

Personal Goals

Since 2015, I have been sharing my personal goals on GitHub. Sometimes updated weekly.

GitHub Actions for Python

A sample GitHub Actions Workflow which shows how run, lint, and test Python code.


A minimalist API client.


Trolley syncs issues between CSV, Github, and Trello.


Fetch an url and translate it to markdown in one command.

100+ more projects on Github

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