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Sunday Morning Coffee Links

I love Sunday mornings. I love making coffee, wearing my favorite slippers, sitting down at my desk to open ReadKit, and catching up on blogs from the last week. Sometimes I listen to music, a podcast, a YouTube video, or I will just enjoy the silence.

I star my favorites and save many away to my pinboard account. Most are private, but I try to share a few.

List of Lists

I love lists, todos, goals, and playlists. Here’s a mix of them all.

Advice And A Better Life

  1. I love you
  2. I’m proud of you
  3. I’m sorry
  4. I forgive you
  5. I’m listening
  6. This is your responsibility
  7. You’ve got what it takes

– Josh Shipp

The hard part is “steady.”

Anyone can go slow. It takes a special kind of commitment to do it steadily, drip after drip until you get to where you’re going.

Modern lazy avoids emotional labor. This is the laziness of not raising your hand to ask the key question, not caring about those in need or not digging in to ship something that might not work. Lazy is arguing instead of a thoughtful conversation. Lazy is waiting until the last minute. And lazy is avoiding what we fear.

The Holidays and Holiday Blues

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