Jeff Triplett

March 10th

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What I’m tweeting

This week to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD), I created a Twitter Moment dedicated to the many women who inspire me. I also compiled it into a blog post I’m Inspired By.

Quote I’m pondering

I can 100% relate to Ana’s tweet both as a conference organizer and for public speaking.

What I’m trying

Between multiple clients and community commitments, I have been struggling to fit everything in without overworking. I stumbled on this Start With a Full Calendar article and it has really resonated with me. I have already started blocking out time chunks during the week to give me time to keep up with everything.

I use Calendly to automate scheduling meetings so this system blends perfectly with the service.

What I’m reading

I really enjoyed this In Conversation: David Letterman interview. I’m glad that Dave still does interviews and is vocal about what he believes in.

What I’m watching

The David Letterman “I Like Kettlecorn” episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee by Jerry Seinfeld is worth a watch. I enjoy David Letterman’s sense of humor outside of his show more and more.