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Something I’m trying out

I stumbled on Dictation: The best Apple timesaver for perfectionists not because I’m a perfectionist, but because I was looking for some advice on dictation software so that I may be more efficient at replying back to email.

You spend too much time writing email.

I do, too. Perfectionists over-think, over-edit, and retype the same sentences again and over again, wasting minutes. And these minutes really add up.

I spend hours upon hours writing and rewriting replies to emails. It’s my single biggest weekly time sink and it’s problem that I’m hoping that using Apple dictation can help me overcome.

What I’m watching

Jenn Schiffer’s XOXO Festival talk on “No one expects the lady code troll” is a brilliant insight into toxic subcultures in the tech industry. Jenn has a satirical Medium series which baits men into mansplaining software development. Jenn’s talk is hilarious and a must watch. I highly recommend it.

My favorite podcast episode recently

Mr. Money Mustache — Living Beautifully on $25-27K Per Year

I have never been a huge Tim Ferris fan, but I have taken notice to his podcast and I find myself tuning in based on the guest and the subject. Pete Adeney (Mr. Money Mustache) was recently on his show and I found some of his advice to be enlightening.

This episode struck a chord with me because I have been focused on cutting my monthly expenses, increasing my savings, and investing more. If you are struggling with trying to improve in these areas then do yourself a favor and check out this episode.

My favorite Twitter account… this week

Titanic Hoops brings me joy one basketball game ending meets the Titanic theme at a time. KU has been featured several times.

What I’m tweeting

Organizing four conferences over the last three years has taught me this. I see conference organizers struggle with burnout all the time because people don’t see your work through the same lens that you intend for them to.

“Don’t assume bad intentions over neglect and misunderstanding.” – Hanlon’s razor