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Emoji Edition

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I wrote most of this in a car on Friday, but I ran out of time to add screenshots and actually hit publish. Oops! Here’s a Sunday version of my Friyay series!

This week was all about Emoji and I wanted to share some of my favorite Emoji resources!

The Power :zap: and Responsibility :sweat: of Unicode Adoption :sparkles:

Katie McLaughlin’s RubyConf AU 2017 - The Power :zap: and Responsibility :sweat: of Unicode Adoption :sparkles: presentation is deep dive into Emoji. If you want to understand the history and see how Emoji scales on different hardware platforms then Katie’s talk is a fun adventure.

Emoji Cheat Sheet

Emoji Cheat Sheet has been my goto Emoji search for several years. The website is great for looking up Emoji short codes on websites like GitHub or Slack, when I can’t otherwise find them.

From English to Emoji

If you have ever wanted to translate from English to Emoji then emoji-translate is for you. The service allows you type in a sentence and then the service does its best to translate the words into Emoji.

GitHub Emojis API

The GitHub Emojis API is a great place to check for the latest Emoji updates when the other tools haven’t been updated in a while. I wish more tools leveraged this GitHub API.

Emoji Support in Linux

After building my dashboard a few months ago, I soon noticed that my Emoji posts were not showing up as I expected them to. After some research, I stumbled on the fix via Make Emoji Work in Linux. The trick is to install the Symbola font and then everything just worked for me.

Bonus: Emoji Homepage :eyes:

Since I’m both a day late in publishing this article and I missed updating last week, I decided to throw Emoji Homepage :eyes: in as a bonus. This tool is another spin on the classic Emoji lookups.