Jeff Triplett

Cashew Chicken Edition

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What I’m reading

One of my favorite things about being back home in SWMO, is getting to eat Springfield Style Cashew Chicken. There’s nothing quite like it and I rarely see it outside of SWMO. When I do see Cashew Chicken on a menu, it hardly resembles the classic version I grew up with and loved.

This is David Leong’s story who created Springfield Style Cashew Chicken more than 50 years ago: Missouri Chinese: Two Cultures Claim This Chicken.

What I’m watching

In case you want to attempt to make Cashew Chicken from home. It’s actually very easy.

Quote I’m pondering

“Your happiness depends on where you’re focusing.” – Derek Sivers

Service I’m using

Supermute has made Twitter bearable again. The service allows you to mute words for a period of time and it also shows you which accounts are impacted by it. At one point, mine was blocking 254 users and I could happily use Twitter browse Twitter again.

What I’m reading

Rico Sta. Cruz’s Your life is a series of side quests gave me a lot to think about.