Jeff Triplett

Life Stack

This is my “life stack” which is heavily inspired by Lillian Karabaic’s Life Stack.

:construction: This is a work-in-progress.

In 2019, I stumbled on the concept of creating frameworks for various parts of my life. This is one of my frameworks.

What gets measured, gets managed. – William Thomson, Lord Kelvin.


I stumbled on the from a Twitter recommendation and it’s wonderful. The app can read your data from HealthKit which get automatically tracked from other apps which include tracking step count tracking, activity ring data, weight information, and workouts. The best tracker IMO is the one that automates and records streaks with me.

What I like the best about is that it does not penalize you if you forget to manually log a streak. The app has a nice calendar view and you can mark the days on your calendar like an adult. This drove me nuts about tools like MyFitnesspal which penalize you for forgetting to log one day and then your streak is broken even though you are logging your meals on paper or have a rigid routine of eating/drinking the same meal via meal prep. Apps shouldn’t penalize you for using them. end of soapbox

Streaks I’m tracking:

Sleep Tracking -

The works well and is the right level of fiddly.

One of my primary motivations for buying an Apple Watch was so that I could measure my sleep cycles. This has been life changing for me and has encouraged me to cut out a few bad habits to promote a better sleep cycle. I have two charges and charge my phone when I shower and get ready in the morning and I have another at my office that I’ll use to top off the watch every other day.

Weight Tracking (YMMV)

I track my weight with a Wyze Bluetooth scale.