Jeff Triplett

Sunday Morning Coffee Notes: October 3rd, 2021

🎃 Halloween month has started in our household. So my house is full of 13 clock video variations and finding skeletons and pumpkins everywhere I never imagined they’d be.

⬆️ The iPhone 13: An upgrader’s guide

This guide is brilliant. IMO, every software project could benefit from letting users scroll to whatever version they are using and then showing them what they gain between versions up to the latest version.

📓 Cory Zue’s monthly retrospectives are great.

If you are into life/work notes, then have a read. I used to be pretty consistent in my personal-goals repo, but I fell off after the pandemic started. I need to start up again and re-tool my blog.

⚠️ Don’t worry, you’re not wasting your mentor’s time.

Having mentored my fair share of people, I can ++ this. IMO, being a good mentor teaches people how to approach and visualize a problem more than to throw Python at it.

🤖 HERMITS: Mechanical Shells for Reconfigurable Robots

HERMITS are tiny robots developed by MIT’s Media Lab to move between different “shells” to gain new capabilities.

I have wanted a larger version of these for my yard/home going back a decade.

🧱 Lego Versions of Iconic Album Covers

We spend a lot of time playing with LEGOs in our household, but this is a new take on iconic album covers that I have never thought about mixing.

🍴 I Tried 30 Mustards This Summer. These Were the Best.

We eat a lot of mustard in my household. We have 8 to 12 mustards open at any time, with several unopened in the pantry until shelf space opens up for more.

☕ That’s all for this week ☕

🎃 Enjoy your Halloween prep. It’s also the perfect time to order both kid’s and adult advent calendars to take the edge off and have something fun to do this December. Treat yourselves.

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