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Personal: My Morning Routine

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My daily routine centers around my son, Oliver, who’s over two years old. He’s a good sleeper, so I rarely have to change up our routine.

I set my daily wake-up light alarm to 6:30 am, which slowly lights the room up starting around 6 am as if it were daylight outside. Waking up to a bright room takes the edge off of the Winter blues for me.

  1. make my bed
  2. three days a week I do a 20-minute workout including ~10 minutes of stretching with the (no affiliation).
  3. pick out clothes for the day (I dream of rotating or automating this)
  4. weigh me
  5. shower, brush teeth, comb hair, etc
  6. get dressed
  7. move the dog bed into the hallway
  8. start coffee if either of us forgot to the night before
  9. pack up my laptop and double-check my son’s backpack
  10. wake my son up and get him ready for daycare
  11. feed my son, put on his shoes, brush his hair, and make sure he brushes his teeth
  12. feed the dog and put the baby gate up to keep her from barking at everyone all-day
  13. load up the car
  14. drive to daycare (5 minutes)
  15. drop my son off at daycare
  16. drive to the office (5 minutes)
  17. park
  18. unpack my laptop
  19. drink my coffee while checking in with the world

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