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Personal: My Morning Routine

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I ran across the Do you have a morning routine? post and I thought it’d be fun to post my daily morning routine.

My routine is 90% dependent on my son Oliver, who’s eleven-months-old. While he’s a great sleeper, the order changes based on him, and if he is awake or still sleeping when I get up. Typically, my day starts between 6 - 6:30 am, and I usually get to work between 7:15 - 8 am depending on all of these factors.

  1. make my bed
  2. weigh myself
  3. take my vitamins
  4. shower and get dressed
  5. start coffee, start the water kettle (for my son’s bottle), and let the dog out
  6. pack up my laptop and double check my son’s backpack
  7. wake my son up, change him, and get him dressed
  8. finish making coffee (keto-style), feed my son and the dog, pack food+coffee for work, and stuff a treat toy for the dog
  9. load the car
  10. give the dog her treat toy to keep her busy, and we head to daycare/work
  11. drop my son off at daycare
  12. drive to the office

I am planning on trying to incorporate some version of the 7-Minute Workout in my morning routine for a month and see if I like it.