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Personal: My Twenty-Sixteen

Twenty-Sixteen was a challenging and stressful year for so many people. For me it was filled with many professional and personal highs along with some pretty bad personal / family setbacks. Everyone made it through 2016 which was the silver lining of the year. Below is my personal view on 2016 month by month.


In January I didn’t go anywhere and I tried to stay warm. It gets very cold in Kansas.

Stella, our adopted family dog, passed away this month :( Stella was a rescue and at least fifteen years old even though no one would ever guess she was older than seven or eight.

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I started using Blue Apron to force myself to cook more at home and to learn more about cooking. The food looks much better unwrapped and cooked.

organized dot gif. #blueapron

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I wrapped up several projects working for an online card creation company. This is one of the largest DRF projects that I have worked on.

I watched the Kansas Jayhawks play the Kansas State Wildcats at basketball in Allen Fieldhouse.

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We dog sat a hound dog named Lucy for some friends. She ran away on Saturday night headed towards campus and had to be bailed out of jail the next day. She also watched March Madness with me.

We are fully invested in the Madness

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I worked with a major university to work on a game simulation platform for writing / hosting other game simulations. This project used Django, DRF, and React.

I traveled to my hometown of Sarcoxie, MO to spend Easter with my parents.


I traveled to Kanopolis State Park, Kansas to cheer friends on at the 19th Annual Rockin K Trail Runs. A large group of us go every year and rent a series of cabins and camp out. It’s one of the highlights of spring for me.

A friend of mine from Colorado asked me to dog sit her dog Sasha while she ran the Rockin K. She took first place in the marathon and Sasha didn’t run away even though I think she wanted to.

Hanging with @jefftriplett and Sasha Dog at the aid station. #rockink #runswithfriends #thatsnotmydog #noticksplease

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We dog sat Penny for another friend. Penny didn’t run away.

Co-working with Penny #dogsittingadventures #dogsofinstagram

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We adopted Peanut a Pointer Mix.

Name pending. Because @jefftriplett 's suggestion of "Psycho" seems a wee bit ominous.

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I traveled to Sarcoxie, MO to spend Mother’s Day with my parents. My parents adopted a stray dog and it started going everywhere with them.

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I traveled to Portland, OR to attend PyCon US.


I started working with one of the major political parties to help secure and scale their website. It was a success.

My friends Adam and Rebecca were married.

I celebrated my 5th year working at Revsys.

I went to lunch with a friend who helped me through monitoring my credit which previously was non-existent. Now I look forward to my monthly Credit Karma and Credit Sesame updates. Adulting is hard.


Pokemon Go came out and nothing else got done.


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My friend Anna from Germany, visited over the July 4th holiday.

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I traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and helped organize my third conference. This was my second year serving as Conference Chair for DjangoCon US. This was also my third time opening and closing a conference.

When I got back from Philly, my friend Russell, from Australia, stayed with me for a few days to visit Lawrence. We introduced him to our giant sized portions in Kansas hospitality.

I believe this indicates I have reached peak Murica: alcoholic water.

— Russell Keith-Magee (@freakboy3742) July 28, 2016

Time for a slice the size of my face... (@ Papa Keno's in Lawrence, KS)

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Enjoying a "single" cone... (@ Sylas & Maddy's in Lawrence, KS)

— Russell Keith-Magee (@freakboy3742) July 29, 2016


I wrote Extend Django Templates Smartly for the Revsys blog. It was well received.

Had a nice gathering with new friends at a Shrimp Boil at my favorite local winery at Jefferson Hills. Great food and wine were enjoyed by all.

Shrimp boils gang. #kansaswine #shrimpboil #porchsittin #wininganddining

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I started taking beginner Ukulele lessons with the Lawrence Parks and Rec.


I took my second beginner Ukulele lessons with the Lawrence Parks and Rec.

I traveled to Sarcoxie, MO to see my family over the Labor Day break.

I traveled with my family to Stockton Lake to pick up an old fashioned tandem bike for my sister.


I started intermediate Ukulele lessons with the Lawrence Parks and Rec.

Fire pit season began and many fires and beverages were drank warming outside.

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I broke my every two year tradition of upgrading my iPhone to the latest major reversion.

I traveled to Myrtle Beach for a family trip.

I traveled to London, UK and then trained to Amsterdam for Django Under the Hood. For the second year in a row, I trained with friends between the two cities.


I flew back from London to the US, but first I had this wonderful breakfast with Ola and Rob.

Pancakes with Pears

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My contract with the political party was up and I started two new projects. A part time CTO position with a container logistics company in Houston, TX and helping a friend with an online music media company who are launching in the US in 2017.

I traveled to Naperville, IL to spend my Thanksgiving with family.

I traveled to Houston, TX for business. I ate at Dot’s with Kojo. I gained more weight in 36 hours in Houston than five to six weeks traveling around the world. The portions y’all…


I was dragged into a Snow Man Shuffle by some friends on a Friday night when I intended to stay home and order pizza.

I went on two ugly sweater runs with friends. I walked.

Jingle Bell, Ugly Sweater and Christmas gear Run crew. #lawrencetrailhawks #lfk #franksnorthstartavern #runchat #runswithfriends

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I attended my sixth annual SantaCon.

I traveled back to my hometown of Sarcoxie, MO over the holidays to see my family for the Christmas break.

I celebrated another trip around the sun with a small group of friends.

I ended 2016 with a wonderful evening with friends.


Some TV Shows I watched this year

There are some of the TV shows that I watched this year. Most of these I would background watched while working at night or on other projects.

Some Movies I watched this year

Most of these movies I background watched on Netflix but some I got to go watch at the movie theater.

Things I learned this year:

Things I want to do next year:

Music Notes

Total Tracks: 15,619 different tracks
Total Albums: 1,766 different albums
Total Artists: 1,246 different artists

End of Year Lists

I love end of year lists. Here are some list from friends and friends of friends: