Jeff Triplett

Mac Apps I’m Using

These are the apps that I use daily or almost daily which I can’t live without. Some are even free :free:.

1Keyboard turns your Mac into a Bluetooth keyboard for your iPhone, iOS, Apple TV, another Mac, and it even works with the FireTV. I hate typing on my iPhone’s keyboard and 1Keyboard let’s you do this seamlessly. :heavy_dollar_sign:

1Password generates secure passwords and settings and remembers them so I don’t have to. The iOS app works great too. :heavy_dollar_sign:

Airmail is my goto email client for macOS and iOS. Airmail is a great unified inbox email client which supports lots of great features like Send Later, third party integrations, and dozens of other features. :heavy_dollar_sign:

Bartender lets you hide and rearrange macOS menu bar apps. This feature should be built into macOS. :heavy_dollar_sign:

Duet is a fantastic tool which turns your iPad into an external display. This app helps me keep my sanity when I work remotely and a big monitor isn’t available. :heavy_dollar_sign:

Hammerspoon is an automation tool for macOS. It replaced SizeUp, Divvy, and a few other tools for me which control how my desktop windows are managed. :free:

Homebrew is the package manager to use with macOS. :free:

iTerm2 I used iTerm2 over Apple’s Terminal app. I spent days, weeks, and years of my life in a terminal and iTerm makes it worthwhile. :free:

Kiwi for Gmail is my other goto email client for macOS. I primarily use Kiwi’s search and for tracking client email accounts which I don’t want to be mixed with my day-to-day inbox.

Nativefier wraps any web page into a native app. I turn websites that I spend lots of time on into native apps with it. I used to use Fluid for this, but Nativefier is OSS. :free:

ReadKit is my reading app of choice for macOS. ReadKit has great Feedly, NewsBlur, RSS, Pinboard, and Instapaper support. :heavy_dollar_sign:

Resilio Sync formerly BitTorrent Sync. I prefer RS over Dropbox mostly because of the flexibility and speed. :heavy_dollar_sign:

Slack I use for work, community work, and keeping up with friends. It’s a joy and one of the most productive tools I have ever used when used properly. :free:(ish)

Sublime Text is my go-to text editor for many years. I could write up an entire article about plugins I use. :heavy_dollar_sign:

Synergy App is a software KVM which lets you use one keyboard and mouse to control another Mac, Linux, or PC. I find this tool to be invaluable despite releases being buggy (please fix your clipboard bugs). :heavy_dollar_sign:

Todoist is my go-to todo list app and the macOS client works well. :free:(ish)

Tower I never thought I needed a git GUI tool until I started using Tower. Now I can’t imagine my development life without it. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth every penny. :heavy_dollar_sign:

VMD is a great tool for live previewing markdown files. :free:

What are your go-to Mac Apps? Let me know on Twitter.

Thanks to Heather Luna :fire: for advice on and corrections to a draft of this article. She’s amazing.